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MK60 Boot loader question

Discussion created by Henry Nguyen on Jul 21, 2017
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i am developing a custom CAN boot loader for MK60 device.  There are two options for us to download the boot loader to the device.


1- Using JTAG

2- Using device built-in serial port (uart) boot rom available in MK60?


I searched around and can not find a concrete document for option 2 (like MK60 pin tie-off to get to UART boot mode, file format, sending sequences, etc).  This option is nice for us in manufacturing because we can have the board serial number embedded into boat loader bin in real time as part of the boot loader bin and download to the MK60 through UART.  


Option 1 allows us to be independent on NXP and toolchain, but we have to find a custom way to enter board serial number, have to have jtag down loaders for manufacturing, etc.  


can someone please point me to document on option 2?