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S12X: when using the re-routed SPI2 on port H[4:7], are the pin 4:7 on port P free to be used as GPIO?

Question asked by Alessandro Audero on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by lama

I have thi doubt since by reading the datasheet it is stated that (2.3.45 Port P data register (PTP)):


 The SPI2 function takes precedence of the general purpose I/O function if the routed SPI2 is enabled.
When not used with the alternative functions, these pins can be used as general purpose I/O.

So, how have I to read this sentence? In my case I will enable SPI2 rerouting to port H, but I don't understand if that means that port P[4:7] will be freed to be used as GPIO..


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