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s32k144 AD1 software   trigger can not  into  the interrupt,ADC0 can into the interrupt

Question asked by 博 姜 on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Petr Stancik

I use the AD software trigger   but  can not  into the interrupt,can you help me look where is the problem。


the main procedure fellow:

const adc_converter_config_t adConv1_ConvConfig0 =

.clockDivide = ADC_CLK_DIVIDE_1,
.sampleTime = 12U,
.resolution = ADC_RESOLUTION_8BIT,
.inputClock = ADC_CLK_ALT_1,
.dmaEnable = false,
.continuousConvEnable = false,

const adc_chan_config_t adConv1_ChnConfig0 =

.interruptEnable = true,
.channel = ADC_INPUTCHAN_AD0,


ADC_DRV_ConfigConverter(INST_ADCONV1, &adConv1_ConvConfig0);

INT_SYS_InstallHandler(ADC1_IRQn, &adISR,(isr_t *)0);


ADC_DRV_ConfigChan(INST_ADCONV1, 0U, &adConv1_ChnConfig0);


void adISR(void)
   ADC_DRV_GetChanResult(INST_ADCONV1, 0U, &adcRawValue);


this can not into adISR