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Waiting for root device on WaRP 7

Question asked by Mohammed Ibrahim on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by Dan Brown

Hello NXP community,

I have recently purchased the WaRP 7 IoT development board that consist of an A7 and an M4 core. Im currently stuck with getting the board to boot fully as it seems to get stuck at message saying 'waitng for root device /mmc'..  We finally followed the instructions properly and managed to install the U-boot as per these instructions : WaRP7-User-Guide/U-boot.adoc at master · WaRP7/WaRP7-User-Guide · GitHub  and we also flashed a pre-built image (using the dd command ) which we downloaded off this link: However when we rebooted the board we still get the issue of the board being stuck at the message mentioned earlier. Can someone please help as as even the experts in our team could not handle this problem with the linux set up on the board.