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p4080 Virtual/Physical Addressing

Question asked by Yaser YURTCAN on Jul 20, 2017


I have p4080ds board and lauterbach T32 debugger. I want to debug u-boot before relocation. While I was debugging, there are many instructions executed in the following address range 0xFFFFF000--0xFFFFFFFF before nor flash virtual addressing is mapped. While in this address range code branches to 0xFE001000 address and read value and write to r2. I have two question;

1-)The address range 0xFFFFF000--0xFFFFFFFF is virtual or physical address? 

2-) What is the meaning of 0xFE001000 address? Is this address in the range of Nor Flash addresses?If not, Which periperal does have 0xFE001000 address before relocation?


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