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LS1021A PCIe can not trigger MSI interrupt

Question asked by Peng Cheng on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by ufedor

According to "27.1.2 PCI Express MSI implementation" description on <QorIQ LS1021A Reference Manual Rev. 2, 04/2017>,  when writing to SCFG_PEXnMSIIR[IBS], there will be a interrupt and we can check the interrupt number on SCFG_PEX1MSIR.

But actually, when I write to SCFG_PEX1MSIIR (157_0E00), there is no interrupt (PEX1 MSI (211)), neither do SCFG_PEX1MSIIR.

This MSI module is same to LS1046A, and I can get the correct interrupts on LS1046A.


This is pretty old board with version 700-28040 REV X4. (I also checked on board version REV C, still no interrupt)

So,  is there any missing procedure? Please tell me, thanks!