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problem in receiveing bytes from uart - Zigbee MC1321X

Discussion created by Bita Sobhani on Sep 2, 2008
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Hi all
I am working on Zigbee Mc1321x.
I write a string of 2 bytes on uart at eah timer interval (for example every 1 seconds).
How can I receive both the two bytes at zigbee node? I wrote this code:

uint8_t       UartByte[2];
static void UartRxCallBack
  SendToNode(gZbAddrMode16Bit_c, CoordinatorNwkAddr, gApsTxOptionNone_c, UartByte);
But It seems that the too bytes are not received at once. They are received byte by byte. So UartByte[0] takes the second byte value and UartByte[1] never takes anything (always 0x00).
What should I do? Can anbody give me the right code?
PLEASE REPLY.........:smileysad:


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