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USBSPYDER vs. OSBDM compatibility

Discussion created by Imrich Konkol on Sep 1, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2008 by Imrich Konkol
Hi @ll,

I'm new to Freescale and would like to adopt OSBDM routines for USBSPYDER08.
I've found these are almost same development tools with only minor diferrences.

Here is the current status of my activity (see attachement for complete Bloodshed Dev C++ project).

I've changed opensourcebdm_hwdesc.h from OSBDM distribution like this:
// USBSPYDER08 definition
#define opensourcebdm_PID 0x0200
#define opensourcebdm_VID 0x1649
// #define opensourcebdm_PID 0x0021
//#define opensourcebdm_VID 0x15A2
// ^^^ real OSBDM

Now I can 'find' the SPYDER device on USB bus, but it doesn't respond to any further command.

I placed them in this order::
1. opensourcebdm_open(0)
2. opensourcebdm_get_version()
3. opensourcebdm_set_target_type(HCS08)
4. opensourcebdm_target_sync()
5. opensourcebdm_get_speed()

Did I forget something?

Is there any information source with description of differences between USBSPYDER and OSBDM?

Thanks for help.