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i.MX7D Sabre(MCIMX7SABRE) with E-INK panel(X-IMXEBOOKDC4) : Xserver & Touchscreen support available ?

Question asked by Shrikant Bobade on Jul 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Senthilkumar Chandran



I am using i.MX7D Sabre(MCIMX7SABRE) with E-INK panel(X-IMXEBOOKDC4) to check the display, I have downloaded pre-build image: L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga_images_MX7DSABRESD.tar.gz with md5sum: 167fceda879c814280924b05c4e48317 located at download
used contents: fsl-image-validation-imx-x11-imx7d.sdcard; zImage; u-boot-imx7dsabresd_epdc.imx; zImage-imx7d-sdb-epdc.dtb


Using above setup I am able to get the EPDC display initialized well.
Even the validation with imx-lib as guided @ worked out of box.
Using mxc_epdc_v2_fb_test.out able to get the various unit tests executed well on display.


Moving further I would like to check E-INK panel(X-IMXEBOOKDC4) supported with Xserver and Touchscreen support?


1. Observed fsl-image-validation-imx-x11-imx7d.sdcard booting with OE banner then Xserver won't acquire the E-INK display. Also observed X11 imx-test for epdc was explicitly removed /unit_tests/mxc_epdc_x11_fb_test.out @ ref
apart from it I didn't found out particular X11 validation for epdc display,

is Xserver support available for E-INK panel(X-IMXEBOOKDC4) ?


2. Is E-INK panel(X-IMXEBOOKDC4) have touchscreen support?


3. any pointers on getting schematic/documents for E-INK panel(X-IMXEBOOKDC4)?


Please advise, sharing pointers or references if any will be a great help.