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About Green Power bi-directional commissioning

Question asked by Mingqian Han on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Mingqian Han

The NXP ZigBee 3.0 stack states the support for green power bi-directional commissioning.

I tested it with JN-AN-1218 and creates a combo basic bulb application. Then I use a green power occupancy sensor (per my observation it is not listed in the gp device list in stack), and add its device id to the default translation table.


The sensor uses bi-directional commissioning. The bulb acts as a sink and starts the commissioning.

Here is what I find:


sensor: channel request -> get channel configuration from bulb

sensor: commissioning -> no commissioning reply GPDF sent by the bulb

I find there is GP response with commissioning reply as command payload, but no commissioning reply GPDF sent.


Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for help.