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Monitor MISO without driving CLK

Question asked by Dietrich Wall on Jul 18, 2017
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i´m using the LPC2132 MCU in combination with TIs ADS1018 ADC.

The ADC will drive the MISO low whenever conversion results are ready and the ADC is selected with CS. The Problem is, that CLK should not been driven in this time, or the ADC will clock out the last buffered result. Is there a way in LPC 2132 to see if the MISO goes low without any SPI Transfers, or do I have to reconfigure the MISO Pin as GPIO to monitor the State of the Pin?

Another question: Chapter 6.3 in User Manual mentions :"Selection of a single function on a port pin completely excludes all other functions otherwise available on the same pin".

Does it mean also the GPIO is deactivated?

Unfortunately I cannot test it the next days, because there are some changes on my PCB


Thanks in advance