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DDR stress tester V2.60 calibration problem with i.MX6 solo interfacing with DDR3

Question asked by Tony Lam on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by igorpadykov

Dear Sir,


I am testing a new hardware using i.MX6 solo interfaced with 2 DDR3 MT41K256M16TW-107 512MB (please refer to attachment file for our DDR3 schema) by running DDR stress test v2.60 tool. This app stuck after put "0004" for MR1 value. Could you please give me some instructions to proceed? I'm using u-boot 2015.04 with mx6solosabresd_defconfig selected.

Please see debug message as following:


U-Boot > go 0x00907000
## Starting application at 0x00907000 ...

DDR Stress Test (2.6.0)
Build: Oct 24 2016, 15:22:31
NXP Semiconductors.

Chip ID
CHIP ID = (0x00)
Internal Revision = TO1.0

Boot Configuration
SRC_SBMR1(0x020d8004) = 0x00005860
SRC_SBMR2(0x020d801c) = 0x32000001

What ARM core speed would you like to run?
Type 1 for 800MHz, 2 for 1GHz
ARM Clock set to 800MHz

DDR configuration
DDR type is DDR3
Data width: 32, bank num: 8
Row size: 14, col size: 10
Chip select CSD0 is used
Density per chip select: 512MB

Current Temperature: 46

Please select the DDR density per chip select (in bytes) on the board
Type 0 for 2GB; 1 for 1GB; 2 for 512MB; 3 for 256MB; 4 for 128MB; 5 for 64MB; 6 for 32MB
DDR density selected (MB): 512

Would do you want to change VDD_SOC_CAP/VDD_ARM_CAP voltage? Type 'y' to run and 'n' to skip

Would do you want run DDR Calibration? Type 'y' to run and 'n' to skip

Calibration will run at DDR frequency 400MHz. Type 'y' to continue.
If you want to run at other DDR frequency. Type 'n'
Please enter the MR1 value on the initilization script
This will be re-programmed into MR1 after write leveling calibration
Enter as a 4-digit HEX value, example 0004, then hit enter