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Software Emulated EEPROM

Question asked by arkadyosh on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2017 by arkadyosh

I want to use data flash to software emulated eeprom. Hardware emulated eeprom existing in S32K is not sufficient for me, 4KB is not enough. In reference manual I find some limitations for program phrase command:
"A Flash memory location must be in the erased state before
being programmed. Cumulative programming of bits (back-toback
program operations without an intervening erase) within a
Flash memory location is not allowed. Re-programming of
existing 0s to 0 is not allowed as this overstresses the device."


I want to write smaller blocks of data than 8 bytes, so sometimes I need to overwrite existing data with the same data and this cause re-programming existing 0s to 0. It is strong not recommended to this? What conequences it have? Is this affect to flash endurance? How can I workaround this?
And one more question about flash endurance, in DataSheet rev 1 minimum was 1K and typical 50k cycles, in newest there's only minimum 1K. How much real cycles can I expect?