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PE debugger connection issue with MPC5643L evaluation kit

Question asked by Rajakumaran Azhagappan on Jul 17, 2017
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We are working with evaluation kit [MPC5643L daughter board with MC33908 mother board].

Till today morning i could able to program the shadow memory & flash memory using PE micro debugger.

But suddenly, my debugger could not able to connect with the target board instead it shows the below error message in the console.


I have tried to find the solution in the forum and ended with no success. I understand that target is not entering into the debug mode, but i didn't get the hint to how we can recover the target board from this issue.

Can someone help me with the steps or additional setting to be done?


The last followed sequence is as follows.

1. Power up the starter kit.

2. Run the "cw_progppcnexus.exe"

3. Load the algorithm "Freescale_MPC5643L_1x32x2_Shadow_Blk_DPM_LSM_Config.pcp"

4. Erase the content by below option

5. Set the DPM mode by available commands.

6. Program the module by using icon in the tool bar.[Gives error that s record not available]

7. Load the s-record file to the environment 

8. again set the DPM mode by the command

9. Program the module

10. verify the module

11. Power cycle the starter kit

12. Run the "cw_icdppcnexus.exe"from the code warrior tool "CW for MPC55xx and MPC56xx 2.10"

13. The console shows the below message(also 2 cores are "running")

14. Then after i could not able to update shadow block to switch to LSM mode due to the error message described already.

15. The debugger setting window for your reference