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Building projects from the command line (hang fix)

Question asked by Brad Riching on Jul 17, 2017

This is not a question, rather it is a comment related to:Building projects from the command line 


For those that experience apparent hanging of LPCXpresso after building from the command line, you may be having a problem related to the indexer.  The symptom looks like this on a console:


17:53:23 Build Finished (took 93s.270ms)

 <----Hangs here for a while before returning to console below




The fix for this problem can be found in the following link: c++ - Java deadlock with Eclipse CDT headless build - Stack Overflow 


In case the link above goes dead, try adding the -no-indexer option to the command you pass to lpcxpresso(c).  Your script should return immediately after the statement:


"17:53:23 Build Finished (took 93s.270ms)"


Happy automated building!