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How to use PWT to capture the pulse width with KE06

Discussion created by Zhong Shen on Jul 17, 2017

I have a  FRDM-KE06Z. I hope to use PWT to capture the pulse width. The attached is my KDS project with PE.


I use GPIO( as BusTx) to send a pulse series on pin PTD0, connected pin PTD5( as PWT input).


PWT is configured  as "The first falling edge starts the pulse width measurement, and on all the subsequent rising and falling edges, the pulse width is captured.",  PWT Clock is set to 24Mhz, enable PWT to generate interrupt when PWTRDY is set and enable PWT to generate interrupt when PWTOV is set.


When the program is running, and press sw2 button (sand a frame), I can see the signal on pin PTD5(PWT input pin). But PWT do not take the any data for pulse width. In fact, I can check the PWT overflow interrupt was taken place, and if I let the PTD5 as float, PWT can capture a pulse data to print in random.


Could you advise me the solution for it?


Many thanks!


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