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How to make boot SD card on P1020RDB-PD Board

Question asked by xu peng on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by Serguei Podiatchev

 As the title,Now I want to boot from SD card.

 Recording to SDK V1.8,first I changed the switch 1-6 to 001001.

Secondly:I made a boot SD card in ubuntu14.04 by using fdisk,I program u-boot.bin in 0x100.

Thirdly:I insert the SD card in my P1020RDB-PD board,boot up,failed!

So,my question: Is the start address in SD card wrong or my method wrong?

If anyone knows the way to make a boot SD card,Please tell me!

Thakn you!