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how to code MM912J637

Question asked by afandi aly on Jul 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by David Diaz Marin

Hi, I want to explore MM912J637 using LQ-Multilink. I have search how to code and the basic sourcode for MM912J637 using LQ-Multilink but I get nothing. I have explore this forum How-to Add missing derivatives to CodeWarrior Classic HCS12(X) 5.2 (Unofficial Method) but I'm still confuse. What kind of chip I must to select for the setting ? MC9S12 chip for LQ-Multilink ? or MM912J637 ? Can someone help me what I must to do first for explore MM912J637 or the basic source code so I can explore how to code or something that I must to know about MM912J637 ? 


Note: I'm using code warrior 5.2