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Toolchain with GCC 5.x series for LS1046ARDB

Question asked by AP Sihvonen on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Yiping Wang

I edited fsl-goriq.conf to 

GCCVERSION_qoriq-arm64 = "linaro-4.9"


GCCVERSION_qoriq-arm64 = "linaro-5.2.0"

did the 

bitbake fsl-toolchain


NOTE: preferred version linaro-5.2.0 of gcc-cross-aarch64 not available (for item virtual/aarch64-fsl-linux-gcc)
NOTE: versions of gcc-cross-aarch64 available: 4.8.4 4.9.2 5.2.0 linaro-4.8 linaro-4.9

Is it possible to have up to date gcc for my system?