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LPC4330FBD144, Problems booting from reset and cold

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I've designed a custom board using an LCP4330 and trying to some leds to turn on as a first step. All was fine downloading the image with the debugger LPC-LINK2 and the program started ok and the leds lit up. Then i wanted to try resetting the board and no leds were turning on. If i powercycle the board same thing, no leds turning on so i assume the application is not running or something else is wrong.


OTP_BOOT_SRC is not programmed and P2_9,P2_8,P1_2 is pulled down, P1_1 is pulled high so we should boot from SPIFI, P2_7 is pulled high so i should not enter ISP.


I'm using LPCXpresso v8.2.2_650 and have based my code from the existing LPC4330 examples. I have only downloaded the application with the debugger. The SPIFI chip is S25FL127SABMFI101.


I have put in a few days debugging the problem but now i need to ask for help. What can cause the LPC4330 not to boot and reset from SPIFI if all bootpins etc is correct? Do i need to program or build the application in a certain way? Is my application not correct? I modified the ResetISR so the first thing i do is setting the leds and then go into a while loop with __asm("nop"). This works when doing a debug session but not with doing reset or cold start.


I have traced the pins on the SPIFI chip with a Saleae Logic Analyzer  when doing a reset and some activity is there, but if its good i have no clue about. I'm attaching the trace, project etc so maybe someone can help me figure this out.


Regards / Hans

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