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QN9021 - Combining BLE and RTC functionality with low power

Question asked by Jiří Pelant on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by James Zhang

Is there any way how to combine BLE and RTC and low power mode? I need to use the processor in low power mode and use both of the peripherials.


If there is CFG_BLE_SLEEP directive defined and at the same time QN_32K_LOW_POWER_MODE_EN is FALSE, BLE runs, but RTC counter in sleep mode stops and doesn't run.


Defining CFG_BLE_SLEEP directive and setting QN_32K_LOW_POWER_MODE_EN to TRUE RTC runs with no problems, but BLE doesn't work (GAP connection request seems to be successful, but enabling profile fails).


Third option is no CFG_BLE_SLEEP define, but in this case is comsumption too high.