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CW for StarCore crashes during compiling

Discussion created by Quasar Soft on Aug 29, 2008
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My setup is:

CodeWarrior StarCore Compiler (Windows), Engineering Build 22 Service Pack 5

CodeWarrior Development Studio for SC3X00 Architectures, Version 3.1.1, Official Patch, Build 1

IDE Version: 5.7.0 Build 2393


I’m facing with a strange issue.

From time to time, the CW for SC3400 crashes during compiling. This is random and hard to reproduce. The project contains about 200 files.


I’ve checked for known issues regarding this problem on this forum and I’ve found some clues…

  1. Concurrent compiles should be deactivated. Done
  2. Compiling is done on a dual core processor. It seams that some problems might occur on this PC configuration.
  3. Path length. I made it shorter.
  4. Avoid symbols such as $ in the path. Done
  5. Enough space on local drives. Thanks God … I have plenty …
  6. Office Groove 2007. It was a clean machine… no such software installed.


Have you got any kind of problems related with compiler crash in the past?

Do you have any other suggestions?


Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.