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Error compiling Main example in MCUXpresso 10.0.0

Question asked by Keny Labrador on Jul 13, 2017

We have problems after the installation of MCUXpresso 10.0.0 in Ubuntu Linux 17.04 64bits. We install MCUXpresso, added the plugin and import the examples projects. After that, we try to build the PN7462AU_ex_phExMain example and an error appears (error_mcuxpresso_main_example.txt) and the .axf is not created. When we try to flash the program the compiler not recognized the PNEV7462B V2.2, appears is the LPC1343 and we don't have this board (image No recognized PNEV7462B V2.2.jpg). How we can solve the problem with the compilation of Main example or any other program, and how the compiler can recognize the board PNEV7462B V2.2?
Thank you

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