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Regarding GDU confiuration to get phase votage using internal ADC channel

Question asked by PRATIBHA SURABHI on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by Radek Sestak



I am using ZVMC128 MCU.
I am using internal ADC channel to calculate phase voltage.
So at one instant i will get only one phase voltage but i want all three phase voltages.
I have done the configuration of PMF,PTU,ADC,TIM0.
PMF reloads after each 50uS.
In that PMF reload ISR i am applying commutation pattern to GDU MUX register as follows


fsau8MuxPhase[7] = {0x00,0x03,0x02,0x01,0x03,0x02,0x01};

/* PMFCFG2 and PMFOUTC are configured as per output pattern */

GDUPHMUX_GPHMX = fsau8MuxPhase[outputPattern];


After applying commutation pattern to GDU MUX I will get the phase voltage for respective pattern on internal channel.

It is my understanding.
Is it right?

For UVW disconnection failsafe i have to check all three phase voltages.But i am not getting how to do this.

Please give me some solution.