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imx6q-sabred add  bt sco function

Question asked by yu bob on Jul 13, 2017

Hi ,

  Our platform is imx6q-sabread ,using android 4.4.3 ,linux 3.10.53 ,codec wm8962 , and we want to add bt sco function .

at now , bluetooth can work ok with a2dp . 

  we add a bt sco card , and we test the pcm is ok ,while we made a call.  

#(tinyplay test.wav -D 1) and the remote phone can hear the sound of the 'test.wav' files.

  but we just have no idea what can we do ,if we want codec wm8962 and bluetooth sco work together ,

uplink : mic->codec->cpu aud3       ----    cpu aud4 -> bt pcm in -> local phone   ----------  remote phone spk

downlink as the same .

     bluetooth pcm hardware connection: 

MX6QDL_PAD_SD2_DAT0__AUD4_RXD  0x130b0     -- BT PCM_OUT

MX6QDL_PAD_SD2_DAT1__AUD4_TXFS 0x130b0      ----BT PCM_SYNC

MX6QDL_PAD_SD2_DAT2__AUD4_TXD  0x110b0     -- BT PCM_IN

MX6QDL_PAD_SD2_DAT3__AUD4_TXC  0x130b0              -- BT PCM_CLK


codec wm8962 -- aud3



sound {
compatible = "fsl,imx6q-sabresd-wm8962",
model = "wm8962-audio";
cpu-dai = <&ssi2>;
audio-codec = <&codec>;
audio-routing =
"Headphone Jack", "HPOUTL",
"Headphone Jack", "HPOUTR",
"Ext Spk", "SPKOUTL",
"Ext Spk", "SPKOUTR",
mux-int-port = <2>;
mux-ext-port = <3>;
hp-det-gpios = <&gpio7 8 1>;
mic-det-gpios = <&gpio1 9 1>;


sound-btsco {

           compatible = "fsl,imx6q-audio-btsco",


           model = "btsco-codec "; 

           ssi-controller = <&ssi1>;

           btsco-controller = <&btsco_codec>;

           mux-int-port = <4>;

                   mux-ext-port = <1>;


 and the file we created bt sco card is attached too.


 Did you already have patches to do such kinds of functions ,or pls help to check what's wrong.

'tinyalsa_hal.c' also need to modify ?