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Kinetis Flash Tool with an Update image failure (cumulative write)

Question asked by Julian Schork on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by Julian Schork

Hi all,


I successfully ported the KBOOT V2 from the TWR-MKV58F22 Bootloader to my MKV58F1M0VLL24 MCU on a custom board (Using KDS V3.2). Neraly everything is working as expected, except a strange update-behaviour with the KinetisFlashTool.


Updating my application binary to the target address sometimes succeeds and sometimes fails with the kStatusMemoryCumulativeWrite errormessage. I observerd this behaviour especially then, when there is already an application binary on the target flash, which I am going to erase and replace with my new application (in my example, the new application binary is the same binary as the one already placed on the flash... I just want to test everything to avoid later upcoming bugs, so the content of my binary shouldn't be of interest). When the error message occurs, I try to erase the whole flash memory in order to prevent cumulative memory writing as mentioned in the MCU's reference manual. Since now, every time I erased the whole memory, the KinetisFlashTool just responded with "Erase all memory of internal flash. Completed!", so I expected the erasing to be successful.


Nevertheless after trying to Update my "new" application binary to the "freshly erased flash memory", the same cumulative write error occurs. The only workaround for this problem is to reset the device via the KinetisFlashTool followed by normally clicking the Update Button...


After this procedure, when I reset the device, connect to KinetisFlashTool and try to Update the application binary again, the already mentioned error occurs again. And again, erasing the whole flash memory doesn't help at all.


Since I didn't found any similar question about this, I am wondering if I am missing any important step while updating my application binaries?


I would really appreciate some help to understand what is going wrong with the updating procedure on my MCU...



With kind regards,