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i.MX6Q MIPI CSI-2 Camera Driver Communication Enable Problem

Question asked by Mustafa Bakırcıoglu on Jul 12, 2017
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I am writing mipi csi-2 camera driver on linux but I have problem about communication enable signal. I have the technical data sheet in my hand  of the camera.But the communication enable register or another info about how to set or get this signal is not mentioned. I think this signal is get from device tree I dont know . This signal called datasheet as a XCE signal and these are the information about that ;


1. XCE: Communication enable 4-wire: XCE pin and I2C: Fixed to High
2.The pin for 4-wire serial communication and I2C communication is shared, so the external pin XCE must be fixed to power supply side when using I2C communication

These are the some information about that other information of XCE is about how to use it while configuring camera . I need some advice or any idea to figure out how to solve this issue.



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