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NOR Flash in-place execution in i.MX7D/S

Question asked by ko-hey on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by igorpadykov

Hi all


Let me confirm about whether i.MX7D/S can support NOR Flash in-place execution or not.

My customer plan to use i.MX7S without DDR memory.

So they need to use NOR Flash in-place execution.


However, I can get information only for i.MX6SX as below and can't get enough information for i.MX7D/S from community



Can i.MX7D/S support NOR Flash in-place execution as same as i.MX6SX ?



Do you have any sample code which can test the in-place execution in MCIMX7SABRE ?



In my understanding, when user use in-place execution, the time for boot up is longer than boot-up with DDR. 

Am I correct ?