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Defining Start of Heap

Question asked by ishwarlal on Jul 11, 2017
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I am trying to figure out how can I define the start and end of the Heap.

My processor is MK66 with 256K Ram & Atolic True Studio.

The Ram Starts at 0x1FFF 0000 and ends at 0x2002 FFFF.

According to Data sheet the memory is not divided into two regions.

SRAM_L    From  0x1FFF 0000    to     0x1FFF FFFF   (in total 64K bytes).

SRAM_U   From  0x2000 0000     to     0x2002 FFFF   (in total 192K bytes).


I want to place Data, Fast Code & Stack in SRAM_L Region. And the Heap in SRAM_U region.

The first part is easy but I don't know how to tell the Linker to place Heap at the start of SRAM_U.


By default the linker script provided by Atolic considers the whole Ram as one continuous Region and places the the start of Heap at some where after end of .bss section.


(I know from my previous experience with TI's TMS320 DSP where there were symbols called ".sysmem" & "heap size" which could be linked at desired address and with desired size. )