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How to select the CAN transceiver for CAN-FD

Question asked by Luke Hu on Jul 11, 2017

Hi all,


My team are looking for a suitable CAN transceiver for our new project. And the requirement from customer is the project shall support CAN-FD.

But this is our first time to use a CAN transceiver for CAN-FD, so we don't know how to select it. 

The information from our hardware team is TJA1043 can support CAN-FD. But we don't know do all production batches of TJA1043 support CAN-FD, and are there some shortcomings of TJA1043 for CAN-FD.

The NXP support team recommend us to use TJA1044GT/TJA1057GT instead of TJA1043, because they have optimized for CAN FD active communication compared with TJA1043.

And I also find TJA1145 can support CAN-FD but the data rates of  TJA1145 only can up to 2 Mbit/s.


Could you give us some suggestions? Or could you share some experiences when your team select the CAN transceiver for your project?


Thank you very much!