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LIN Question about S32K144EVB-Q100

Question asked by jinhui wu on Jul 11, 2017

I am testing LIN example in S32DS on S32K144EVB-Q100.

File->New->New S32DS project from example,then find S32K144 RTM SDK v1.0.0 Example Projects,open lin_master project.

builded ,complied,debuged,then un-plug USB cable.power on from 12V and reset the MCU.

I use Oscilloscope to look the wave of LIN pin and tx on TJA1027,I find wave is working.LIN is communicating.

Now I short LIN pin to GND for one second,at this time the wave of LIN pin lose,the wave of tx on TJA1027 lose.

when i don't short LIN pin to GND, LIN still can't work.


after LIN pin is shorted GND for one second,then LIN pin isn't shorted GND.Would LIN still work as usually?