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MKL16Z64VLH4 Sleep mode issue

Question asked by Robert Kris Jocson on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Hui_Ma

Hi All,


We are currently using MKL16Z64VLH4 in our products and we are encountering in several and increasing in numbers of our units with high sleep current. Our good units during sleep mode (LLS) only consume between 20 to 30 uA while the bad unit are consuming 150 to 190uAwhich is quite high.


We are using the following interfaces.

1. TSI (12 electrodes)

2. SPI interface (interface to RF module)

3. GPIOs (LEDs and buzzer control)


There are 25 unused GPIOs which are not defined.


Our wake-up location is at TSI0.


Mask Set of all the chips that we are using is 1N15J.


We have tried to swap MCUs from Good board (board with good MCU) to bad board (board with bad MCU), the result is that the good board with bad MCU consume high sleep current (150 to 190uA), while the Bad board with Good MCU, consume low sleep current (20 to 30uA) which simply show that the problem is inherent to the MCU.


We have check the erratas, there are no related erratas for the specific Mask set that is related to sleep mode.


Does any have any thoughts about this?

Your comments, suggestions and recommendation are high appreciated.