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How to push the modified system application(Settings application from Android 7.1.1) in to /system/app?

Question asked by madu ravula on Jul 10, 2017

recently I am stared using the IMX6 SABRE-AI board with Android 7.1.1. I have modified one of in built in  android application(system application EX: Settings app) and compiled successfully to generate new apk with modifications.

Now I tried to push my new apk (settings_modified.apk) file in to /system/apps using adb but i am getting read only error. no write permissions to /system/app.


I have found to get rid of this error 

1. my device should be rooted 

2. sign the modified apk with OEM key


when i looked in to the NXP community suggesting  rooting the device is not recommended.

when comes to the  sigining the apk with OEM key, does NXP provide the OEM key by request?


is there way to solve this problem?