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MIPI CSI2 RAW10 which V4L2 pixel format?

Question asked by joachim Jaehn on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by joachim Jaehn

I have a gray scale Image Sensor with SubLVDS. I use e Lattis FPGA to convert the SubLVDS to MIPI CSI2. The MIPI signal is connected to an imx6. I configure the sensor to 10Bit and the FPGA to RAW10. Now i write a V4L2 modul.


I configure the MIPI with "mipi_csi2_set_datatype(mipi_csi2_info,MIPI_DT_RAW10);" to RAW10. 

In Userspace i need image Data with 10 bit gray scale saved in 16bit Array.


there is a chapter "40.5.15 RAW10 Data Reception" in IMX6DQRM.pdf


"The RAW10 data format the byte to 32-bit memory word mapping follows the generic
CSI-2 rule."


Which Pixelformat i need for "sensor_data.pix.pixelformat" to get correct data from MIPI CSI2?

how i can convert the image data?