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Cannot set global variables in MCUXpresso

Question asked by Ed Arrington on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by LPCX presso support

Just moved to MCUXpresso from LPCXpresso 8.2.2.  My code seems to load and run.  Time to start debugging.


In an attempt to view a global variable while debugging, I followed the instructions provided in the Help menu.  To add a global variable to the Global Variables view, you click the eyeglasses icon (Add global variables), which should bring up a dialog list of global variables.  However, no dialog appears.  I just click the glasses and...nothing.  No error messages either.  The glasses icon is not greyed out.


I am doing this while debug execution is paused.


Other dialogs appear to work normally.


I've tried restarting MCUXpresso, but no luck.  Any idea why I cannot open the Global Variables dialog?  Am I missing a setting somewhere?