USB Printer Device Not Recognised with Kinetis K70 + USB Stack

Discussion created by GOWRISHANKAR V on Jul 10, 2017
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We are facing a Sudden Strange Problem with HP Printer Interface!


  1. We have Developed our Application Software for Printer Interface With Kinetis K70 Controller+USB Stack v4.1.1. for HP Laser Jet Printer, Model: P1606dn. This S/W & Printer was working Allright till 15 Days Back, we could print!


  2. Suddenly same Software is Not able to recognise this HP Printer, since Printer USB enumeration is not getting complete!


  3. This HP Laser Jet Printer P1606dn is working Fine when interfaced to PC , indicating Printer is OK!


  4. This HP Laser Jet Printer P1606dn enumerates as Composite Device , When Connected & Analysed with USB Analyser!


Please advise how to Handle Composite Device with our USB Stack - Host?


We are Not sure ( As What USB Device this Printer was enumerating Before? ) , when our S/W Was working with this printer?


We feel Printer Firmware got updated automatically and we have No means to Downgrade to Earlier Firmware Versions!


Your Advise would be grately aprreciated to Fix this issue!