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Kinetis K Series: When power is not supplied to VDD and VDDA, is it possible to apply 5V to any pin?

Question asked by Yasushi Hasegawa on Jul 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Yasushi Hasegawa

Dear Kinetis Community Team,


Customer is considering using the Kinetis E series.


He is reading the following data sheet of the Kinetis E series.

The absolute rating of VIN is (Vdd + 0.3) V in "Table 2. Voltage and current operating ratings" in "4.4 Voltage and current operating ratings" on page 7 of the data sheet.
However, when looking at "Table 3. DC characteristics" in "5.1.1 DC characteristics" on page 8 of the data sheet,
Symbol " IIC (DC injection current)" is described as " VIN < VSS, VIN > VDD" , And the following values are rated:
- Single pin limit: min -2 mA, max 2 mA
- Total MCU limit, includes sum of all stressed pins: min -5 mA, max 25 mA


[Customer's Requirement]
Customer wants to apply 5V to the analog pin before supplying power to VDD and VDDA.


Is it possible to satisfy Customer's Requirement by following the above ”IIC (DC injection current)" rating?

Best Regards,
Yasushi Hasegawa