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Kinetis K66 I2C controller hang issue

Question asked by Geo Varghese on Jul 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2017 by Geo Varghese

Is there any known issue with K66 I2C controller which hangs at higher frequencies? We are observing that the K66 I2C controller hangs and the SCL line is pulled low. This happens frequently at 400KHz and rarely at 100KHz. At 40KHz the I2C bus does not hang. We are using MQX RTOS ver 4.0. We need the I2C bus to operate at 400KHz. Please help!

We have reset all other devices in the I2C bus when it hangs but still the SCL line is held low. So it seems like the issue is with the K66 I2C controller itself.