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lpc 811 read part id error

Question asked by Domenico Catalano on Jul 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Good morning,

I spoke with Brendon Slade and he recommended to open this case:

I'm writing because I have a problem in LPC811 during the Part id read through IPA (SWD) command, other IAP (erase and program) works fine.
This happens only with LPC811 (LPC811M001JDH16), i call the IAP, but the core doesn't halt.

in order i do:

-1- swd_connect return ok

-2- dap inits return ok

-3- read part id(see belowreturn error in dhcsr :the core doesn't halt

uint32_t Chip_IAP_ReadPID(void)
uint32_t command[5], result[5];

command[0] = IAP_REPID_CMD;
iap_entry(command, result);  

return result[1];


can you help me? 


best regards