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Subject: Mifare DESFire EV1 card return different ATR String in same type of reader installed on different manufactures

Question asked by Asfak Saiyed on Jul 8, 2017


I am trying to read the Mifare DESFire EV1 card using HID iClass DESFire EV1 reader and same reader module installed on Coppernic PDA Device C-One.
So I wanted to know the reason behind this, it is due to Card or due to reader.
Card details:
IC Manufacturer:- NXP Semiconductor
DESFire Applications:- Type 4 Tag version 2
ATQA:- 0x4403
SAK:- 0x20
ATS:- 0x0675778102800

ATR string from two different manufacturer reader
1) Omnikey Reader 5427 CK :- 3B 81 80 01 80 80
2) NFC enabled device: 0x0675778102800
3) Coppernic C-One device:- 75 77 81 02 80

Please check and let me know where exactly the problem is?