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The question about the Force out logic  for MPC5643L

Question asked by Eden Li on Jul 8, 2017

Hi Guys,

(1)There are some question about the Force out Logic,the Figure 25-17.Force Out Logic in  MPC5643L Microcontroller
Reference Manual
  page672.shown as below:

1#:Abve Figure ,the Part A,there is a box that label D ,Force_Out and Q, the relationship between the three?


(2) in  MPC5643L Microcontroller Reference Manual  page708,shown as below:

2#:the content said the register(SWCOUT) is used to set the deadtime,i have some doubt to be confrimed,

2.1:How the deadtime is achieved ? I thought If We set the SWCOUT to 0,When the Q output the value 2,and the Mux output the OUT23-3=0,then the deadtime is achieved. 

for exzample:

frist,We set the SEL23_3 =10,then  OUT23_3 will insert the deadtime ;

second,IF we set  OUT23_3 =0,and the deadtime Zero will be insert,if we set OUT23_3 =1,the he deadtime one will be insert? is that right ?
2.2:is PWM23 is equal to PWMA,And PWM45 is equal to PWMB?

I don't know the PWM23_3 corresponds to which pin of the hardware?


Thank you !