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we are using NFC ic that we are trying to disable the bit rates(424Kbits/s & 848Kbits/s)

Question asked by Avinash Sadineni on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by jimmychan

I checked PN7120 user manual( Page 30 ) , and found bitrate can be restricted in POLL mode setting the following NCI parameters :

- PI_BIT_RATE = 0x0 (to restrict ISO14443 communication to 106kbits/s)

- PF_BIT_RATE = 0x1 (to restrict Type F communication to 212kbits/s)

- PN_NFC_DEP_SPEED = 0x1 (to prevent switching to higher bitrate after NFC-DEP activation)


The problem is that how to set those parameters into Android 6.0 OS?  Plz suggest#PN7120


NXP chip: PN7120,

AOS:  Android 6.0

Code base ported from link here: