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Can the Kinetis KL17 wake from VLPS mode based on an I2C address decode?

Question asked by Doug Baker on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by gartin

I have a KL17 that I put into VLPS mode and would like to wake up based on an I2C message received from another embedded CPU.  The Kinetis is an I2C slave device and the I2C driver is implemented using callbacks so it is using IRQ’s.  I can confirm that the I2C on the Kinetis is working since it can send and receive I2C messages.  I can also confirm that I can put the CPU into the VLPS mode and wake it up using an alarm on the Real Time Clock.  What I have not done yet is wake the CPU up from an I2C message.   According to the datasheet AN4503 “Power Management for Kinetis MCU’s” table 5 page 59, the I2C in the Kinetis is “static, address match wake up”.

I am assuming that because the Kinetis is a slave, the clock from the other processor will run the I2C device on the kinetis and allow an address match to wake the CPU up.   If the I2C device is “static” in VLPS, can it be used to wake up with a valid address match?