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LPC1549 LPCXpresso board - Problem when connected with a serial terminal

Question asked by Doinita Marcu on Jul 7, 2017
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I am using LPCXpresso1549 demo board. I connect it to my PC with the LPCXpresso IDE and I can download and debug my code. I need to use a serial terminal (Tera Term) to display debugging messages. But I can use this ONLY after I download my code into the board through LPCXpresso IDE, while the board is still connected. After downloading, when I give the command "New Connection" from the serial terminal (Tera Term), it will appear: "COM4: LPC - LinkII UCom Port (COM4)" as a choice and I can connect my board to the serial terminal. So this is OK.
But, if I disconnect the board from the PC (disconnecting the USB cable), and then connect it again, I cannot display anything on the serial terminal. When I give the command "New Connection" from the serial terminal (Tera Term), it does not show the Port # where the LPCXpresso1549 demo board is plugged in. So I cannot choose the board for connecting to the serial terminal.
Also in the Device Manager the board appears now under "LPCDevice" as "LPC based USB device", whereas in the above situation after downloading, it appeared under "Ports (COM & LPT)" as "LPC - LinkII UCom Port (COM4)".
I need to use this board in a testing environment where there is not a computer having LPCXpresso IDE installed. So I need to download my code into the board through LPCXpresso IDE on my PC, take the board and use it with a serial terminal (Tera Term) on another computer in that testing environment, but I cannot use it because the board is not recognized by the serial terminal on that computer.
I would really appreciate any help!
Thank you,