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MX7D SABRE RGMII2 modification

Question asked by Lars Heinrichs on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by Lars Heinrichs

Hello Community!



Before creating custom MX7D hardware from scratch I would like to create an addon board for the SABRE and test custom peripherals. This way, all peripherals can be tested with a known-to-work base platform. Once the peripherals are tested, the SoC/RAM/memory etc circuitry/hardware will be created and combined with the peripherals.



One of the peripherals is Ethernet and i would like to test my Ethernet Phy circuitry on the addon board.

SMI and RMII signals are needed.

  1. SMI:
    • To access the SMI interface a wire could be connected to R271 (pullup MDIO) and R495 (Termination MDC).
  2. RMII:
    • ENET2 signals are multiplexed with EPDC signals and should be accessible through the EPDC connector.
    • I need to cut the connection of ENET2 and the SABRE Ethernet Phy. how may i do this? remove U36?
    • Are any additional steps necessary to access the signals? (e.g. adding resistors/bridges)