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Mutual authentication error (ICODE DNA)

Question asked by sebastien louvat on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by Uros Kokol



We have a problem when we try to send a mutual authentication with Inlays ICODE DNA.


We did the key initialization as mentioned in the doc  :  -

  • Inventory Request (works well)
  • Check that Byte1 == 0x81 in Global Crypto Header (works well)
  • Check that Key Header is not active  and is writable (works well)
  • Write Key0 (works well)
  • Verify good writing (works well)
  • Write KEY0 privileges (0x00)
  • Active & locked Key header (works well:  read 0xE7)
  • Update Global Crypto Header : active & locked (works well:  read 0xE7)
  • We try to send MAM1 command and we have the following reply ( Error detected and Unknown error ) :  01h 0Fh and 2 bytes of the CRC

What is the problem in the process ? Is there a missing step ?

Could you help us ?