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MPC5643L DPM mode setting

Question asked by Subash R on Jul 6, 2017
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   I am currently working with Development board KT33908MB with KTMPC5643DB (mother board and daughter board). I am trying to create a base code to switch on the led's on the mother board , operating the controller in LSM and DPM mode. I used "CW for MPC55xx and MPC56xx 2.10" to generate a code for DPM and LSM separately. In the DPM project, i configured the ports and wrote a simple code to toggle the led.


Now when i established the connection to the daughter board (PE Multi-link Universal JTAG and icdppcnexeus) i could see the message, "Processor detected in lockstep mode". I followed all the steps mentioned in some of the related posts to change between LSM and DPM mode.

      1. Used progppcnexus to upload the s-record file and modified the value at addr 0xFFFE10(modified.s19). Erased the module, programmed it with the new s19 file, verified and Powered down the board. (script - Freescale_MPC5643L_1x32x4k_Shadow_Blk_Freescale_C90FL_Driver_031.PCP)

      2. Now used the icdppcnexus to connect to the board. Again got the same message, "Processor detected in lockstep mode"(pic 1). And when i loaded the object file of my DPM project (RAM.elf), and gave GO, i got the below response(pic 2) (script : mpc5643l_vle.mac)

      3. When i programmed the already existing s19(attached here) and then flashed my code, the code worked as expected. It checked for a switch press and toggled the pin on switch press.(pic 3)Once i power down the board and power up again, the board is in some unknown state and again i need to flash to get the output i mentioned. 


Kindly help me in understand what am i missing here.

(Note:I have kept the daughter board boot selection to Single Chip mode FAB - Gnd, ABS0,2 -Gnd ). 



pic 2:

pic 3:

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