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How to support T1040D4RDB-PB in SDK 2.0?

Question asked by Chris Ouellette on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Chris Ouellette

I have a T1040D4RDB-PB board that I want to run SDK 2.0 on it. I see from the SDK 2.0 documentation that the latest SDK that is supported on the T1040D4RDB-PB is SDK 1.7. The T1040RDBD4-PA is supported on SDK's 1.8 thru 2.0. I thought the difference between the PA and PB versions is that the PA is rev 1.0 of the T1040 and PB is rev 1.1 so I'm surprised the 2.0 SDK doesn't support the PB version.


What are the differences between PA and PB? What issues will I face trying to get SDK 2.0 to work on a PB version?