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LS1021A RCW override problem

Question asked by hwei on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by Elias Bitbaker

Hi there,


Recently I tried to use CodeWarrior to override RCW on our customized board and got some trouble.

We are using a Rev2 LS1021A, and there is only NAND flashes for booting up, the hardware has been verified.

While I follow the instructions to connect to the processor, it fails every time.  This board is configured to load RCW from NAND but due to nothing on the NAND flash, the processor will keep resetting. The CW fails to connect to the processor, I don't know if  it's possible to do it in such a condition.

The CodeWarrior 10.0.7 is configured to connect to OCRAM, the JTAG configuration file is modified from LS1021AQDS, and I always get the result :

Error message: Cable disconnected (target power not detected)

Any advice on this is appreciated.