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No more able to program JN5168

Question asked by Michele Bassani on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by David Ashraf

I have problems to program JN5168 modules with NXP flash programmer v.1.8.9 (JN5168 modules on a JN5168 breakout PCB kit v.2 of NKC Electronics).
Some month ago I've programmed and used some modules, but now I can't program new ones or reprogram the previous ones.
The error is about power and cable checking. I'm using a notebook with a clean WIN10 installation, and previously with WIN7. I've programmed some modules with both OSs. Cables and power should be fine, beacuse when I try with programmed modules I first verify them connecting to the module via COM port. I've verify USB voltage and it seems OK. I've alse tried with a powered USB Hub (2,5A). So, I've thought that the problem should be within the programming procedure (SPIMISO low - RESET low - RESET high - SPIMISO high, and connection with flash programmer). With time it seems there are a more increasing random behaviour. The last time I've programmed some modules I've done it closing flash programmer after every time, but now it seems not to work this way. I've tried to switch in program mode before opening flash programmer or after opening flash programmer, but it does not work nearly at all (only one MAC address read in the last month). I've also tried JN51xx Production Flash Programmer (JN-SW-4107) build v1365 with the same results.
Please, let me know the exact procedure, or at least some hints to try.